His Handiworks is a full service commercial cleaning company. Designed to offer our customers a wide range of cleaning solutions to fill all your cleaning needs.

His Handiworks offers custom cleaning solutions for all our customer's needs. Let's face it no two people are the same so it also stands to reason that no two business customers are the same. Each office and/or facility is different and that provides us with different challenges. That is why His Handiworks comes to your office to meet with you and your staff, tour your facility and ask the required questions in order to formulate a custom cleaning program just for you.

His Handiworks continues to work with a variety of companies from offices to restaurants (including fast food restaurants), night clubs/pool halls to auto repair shops, from banks and financial institutions to car dealers and manufacturing companies, from retail stores to pet medical suppliers as well as large and small animal facilities, from medical offices to machine shops to apartment and townhome communities and from churches to schools/day cares. We clean it all!

By offering a wide range of services His Handiworks can offer each of our customers a one stop shopping experience to fill all their janitorial needs.

From your day to day janitorial services for your business to special services such as:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Strip and waxing (VCT floors)
  • Scrub and recoats -- VCT
  • Burnishing -- VCT
  • Scrubbing Ceramic/Porcelain tile and grout lines
  • Scrubbing concrete floors
  • Sealing concrete floors
  • Stain concrete floors
  • Cleaning and buffing wood and wood laminate floors
  • Restorations on Kitchens and Restrooms
  • Pressure Washing Sidewalks /Buildings etc.

At His Handiworks we look at the services we provide as a partnership with our customers. Therefore communications between His Handiworks and our customers is of the utmost importance. The management team at His Handiworks believes that there is no problem that cannot be solved and we work closely with all our customers to give each customer the best possible service with the least amount of distraction to your daily work. It also stands to reason that this communication is very important to solve small problems before they become LARGE problems. After all if we do not know a problem exists it is impossible for us to fix it!!


  • In 2015, His Handiworks partnered with ISS Facility Services for sites in East Texas and we look forward to working with them throughout East Texas.
  • Now in Nov. 2016, His Handiworks has had the opportunity and pleasure to partner with Varsity Facility Services and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship throughout East Texas with Varsity. Also, Varsity has offered their full support and backing to His Handiworks.
  • TYLER, TEXAS, March 2017. His Handiworks, LLC prominent provider of premium facility/industrial cleaning services through out East Texas, today announced the promotion of Lorraine S. Olson to Vice President of Business Development. Ms. Olson will have the primary responsibility for marketing His Handiworks, LLC services to the commercial cleaning and facility/industrial services industry through out East Texas.
  • Lorraine joined the company in 2015 as Payroll/HR assistant and quickly rose in responsibility to supervisory and management positions taking on business development roles. Ms. Olson brings with her the expertise of being the co-owner in several firms focusing in the same responsibility/capacity.
  • You may contact Lorraine at hishandiworksllc@gmail.com or hishandiworks.net


ISS Facility Services and Varsity Facility Services are two of the largest Facility/Industrial Services Companies in the U.S., whom we are proud to partner with and consistently deliver exceptional service.